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【strong interest inventory assessment free online 】 Defeated, the invincible San Miao once again fell in front of the Central Plains! 。

"Impossible! You... the name is Lingshan Ten Witches! But Lingshan has long since disappeared!"

"Coal, oxygen, fire..."

So many totem warriors are not easy to deal with for the two injured earth beasts, and when they came here before, they already knew that there were Sanyun characters in this tribe. The mountain beast made a move, and the ordinary land beast might not be able to withstand ten blows and was about to go to Dushuo Mountain (Ghost Gate).

Advanced tools, excellent methods, hardworking people, fertile land, high-quality seeds, suitable weather, and reasonable control of diseases and insect pests, the final result is the two heavy words of "bundle harvest".

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How to build Xiongguan? With the productivity of today's era, the construction of the city gate cannot be completed in a short while, and the south is not Xiliang, and the climate is different, and it is even more impossible for Boss Cao to splash water to build the city.
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"That means Mr. Wu Pan is not here, otherwise if the ten witches of Lingshan Mountain are here, he will still be rushed to the front!"
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People in the Fengrong Clan don't know how to use it, and they need to be taught. The well and the potter's wheel at the door also make them feel novel. There are billowing fireworks in the blacksmith shop, and copper manufacturing may be something they are more familiar with.
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It is actually very profitable to exchange this thing with an oil press. Compared with a complete bed crossbow, the oil press is actually not considered "high-tech", but as a food production tool, its status In this era, it is still higher than this kind of big killer.
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"Here, south of the mountain!"
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Yebo described it. In addition to the normal charcoal, he specifically mentioned that there is a kind of black stone that is rich in the fire-hating country. The heat of burning is not inferior to firewood. This kind of black stone practice.
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【"Brothers, I seem to smell the beast smell I've smelled before."】
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In the field, Guzi decided to call a flock of birds to prevent and control the pests during the autumn harvest. The birds were chirping. In the field, when the sparrows wanted to peck the rice, they would be chased and beaten by other birds, and they left aggrieved.
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