gifting balance of secured loan
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【how does an interest free bank profit 】 This is also the goal that Xia Gan must achieve! 。

Lei Zhe nodded and closed his eyes. Soon he heard the sound of iron chains shaking. When he opened it again, he found that his body was covered with black chains. This thing was introduced in the book.

"Ling Qingxue! Take a good look! That toad you look down on! What kind of existence is it that you can't afford!"

Lei Zhe frowned. He didn't know what this guy was laughing at, but Lei Zhe was sure that it might cause some trouble after entering. The dragon contacting him now must have something to do with breaking the seal .

From time to time, there were vehicles coming up from the bottom of the mountain. These cars obviously came to attend Xu Yong's son's birthday party. As long as Xu Yong gave an invitation letter to a party of this level, the other party would not refuse.

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"Huh? My cultivation has been raised to the ninth level of the True Spirit Realm. No wonder you dare to provoke me again?"
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"Follow the way of heaven? Go against the sky? Make your choice!"
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Frowning, this silly girl was never on point, but Lei Zhe also understood that an existence like Debra's father would definitely not change his action plan because of his daughter.
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On the contrary, Wu Jue, Zhuo Buyi, and Xue Muchen all focused their gazes when they saw Xia Gan appear!
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"The knight commander is already level six?" The girls opened their mouths in surprise.
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"all right!"
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"Adolf, why are you still asking such a stupid question at this time, I can't get out of here now."
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What else could Lei Zhe say, this was obviously what these girls had agreed upon, and they had to do it. Lei Zhe was willing to cook for Irene and Eiffel without any complaints.
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