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However, those few people also recognized the situation, and without saying a word, they stepped forward and slammed on Jia Jia's leg. After a few clicks, Jia Jia's miserable howl stopped completely, and he fainted from the pain. ... home team mortgage

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The rock man smiled wryly, while the other girls burst out laughing unscrupulously, which made the nervous girl angrily say, "Hey, what's the matter? Aren't those robbers on TV all wearing black? Stockings?" .

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"Yes." Dugu Linfeng nodded and said, "Mr. Takeuchi Koji, Chu Shaoyan's strength is beyond our imagination. I don't think we can complete the task of killing him and kidnapping Shangguan Zetian alone."

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The Huading goddess was so self-conscious, the slender arms around the rock man's waist couldn't help but tightened, and she whispered: "Shaoyan, do you know? I saw you and that policewoman coming out of the restaurant at noon today, getting intimate The way I looked, I... I was really very sad at the time!"

Chu Shaoyan turned his head and smiled brightly, and then drove the speedboat away, while several older girls leaned on the bulkhead silently, already infatuated.

"The next step is to use the torture to deal with this skinny monkey!" Jin Shangbang pointed at Li Zhisen quickly.

Shangguan Zetian frowned slightly. She didn't believe in the "big fish theory", but she was not used to arguing with others, so she asked, "Have you seen Captain Chu?"

Chu Shaoyan took a closer look at the quality of the product and nodded in affirmation.

The fat man nodded: "You want evidence, don't you?" As he spoke, he took out his mobile phone from his pocket and opened a certain video recording: the video was very blurry, and it was obviously located in a certain corridor, and the camera was aimed at a certain hand holding a A tall, thin man with a steel knife inlaid with glass beads.

As for Nangong Chengyu, in fact, this girl is not conservative and she is not very old, but in order to maintain a certain gentle temperament, she still chose a goose yellow one-piece swimsuit, and her hair was tied up with a rubber band. Of course, her figure is also quite predictable, Xiaoxuefeng is bulging, and the graceful arc of her buttocks is also outlined by the tight swimsuit, which is very sexy. .

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Li Yang took out his notebook and sat quietly in the back row. The people around looked at him, but they moved away quietly like the plague, separating them from him. .

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