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At this moment, Xia Gan suddenly laughed, very wildly, and looked at Bai Liuyun like looking at a fool!

"Xu Zhan actually appeared! This is a good show!"

Xuantian Authentic Sect has a total of twenty-six disciple alliances, and the leader of each alliance is a true disciple who has never seen the end of the dragon!

"It turns out that there are two existences at the first level of the Tiangang Realm. No wonder Xue Muchen, who can be chased, escapes."

"Tian Jianqing, you have indeed become stronger! Unfortunately, my strength has also improved, and I have reached the peak of the tenth level of the True Spirit Realm!"

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If someone appeared at this time, they would be shocked to find that the three black mountain monsters who had always been notorious died here just like this! .

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