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【best credit union for auto loans in michigan 】 Seemingly aware of Chu Shaoyan's misgivings, Ye Tianhe sighed and said, "Originally, in my capacity, no one here in the harbor would dare to attack my daughter. But the harbor is the most prosperous city on the whole island except Daobei City. Such a big city is like a big cake to the people on the road. I have occupied this cake for a long time, and now the society wants to reach out to share a piece of cake, this is predictable..." 。

With tens of kilometers of sea area, coupled with unpredictable waves and sea creatures, Chu Shaoyan didn't know how much danger he was going to face. The feeling at this time was even more exciting than dancing on the death scythe!

"Maaya, I have asked your police chief to ask the security minister above to send a helicopter gunship and the navy to find Mr. Masano." Chu Shaoyan said, "You should rest in bed and wait for my good news. Trust me Masano Sir will be fine."

A girl whose mind has recovered to a certain stage, no one has ever been so kind to her except her mother. This made her look at the man's face carefully for the first time. It looked a bit tragic, but his resolute expression and stern face gave him something indescribably pleasing.

Wu Tianhao smiled wryly and nodded: "Don't worry, Boss, I will definitely deal with Hao Shengwen. Delaying it now is for the sake of safety. After all, he was deeply entrenched in the Hero Club before, and if he attacked rashly, the possibility of splitting up is very high."

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Tang Hu was not stupid either, he recognized Chu Shaoyan's meaning and said, "Brother Chu, could it be that female dealer and that foreigner partnered up to cheat?"
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"A Fei said that a master of vision has come to the casino, and now he has won millions of dollars from the casino!" Tang Hu said.
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"If necessary, we can also dispatch two to three ships to carry out the mission. Chu Shaoyan, I am very optimistic about you, and I hope you can successfully complete the mission!" The head of the provincial party committee urged.
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"Yes, they are all rich second generations. Maybe they haven't fully gained a foothold in the East China business circle, but Huading is one of the representative private enterprises in Jiangdong today together with Huali Group and Rock Group! You let them If they all change their nationality with you, can those private enterprises still be called private enterprises?"
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Close combat is not Chen Wei's strong point, and his body's ability to resist blows is not very strong. Under Ah Bao's raindrop-like fist, Chen Wei felt dizzy for a while, staring at his eyes. At this time, Chen Wei had no other thoughts in his mind, but he was thinking about one question: that is: How did Chu Shaoyan use the Shadowless Throwing Knife in such a short time and hit him! A Bao was blocked in front of him just now, and Chu Shaoyan didn't have a throwing knife in his hand.
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Since Liu Yong did not want to be disturbed during the operation, Chu Shaoyan had no choice but to come to the living room alone.
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Chu Shaoyan narrowed his eyes instantly, looking at these big men. The aura of this group of big men, as well as the faint blood smell exuding from their bodies, told him that these group of big men were not ordinary gangsters on the street, but a group of desperadoes who had been licking blood from their knives all the year round!
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Wu Huijun opened his mouth knowingly, couldn't help laughing, and said in a low voice: "Brother, once Lin Bangjie is gone, if we concentrate our superior forces to clean up Chu Shaoyan, then you can be in Ningcheng. It's developed!"
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