how to get credit for llc
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【how to claim federal solar tax credit 】 A very strange phenomenon. 。

It's good if you don't die. Su Ran was merciful before, and he didn't want to beat Lin Henyou to death.

It doesn't matter the shocked look of Wang Baiji's father and daughter.

In a place full of Gu beasts, Su Ran, Wang Xishan, and Huang Yao just finished cleaning the battlefield.

Such movements instantly attracted the attention of a large number of Gu Masters.

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It is a little different from directly exchanging Gu.
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If you want to keep these things to yourself, you can't be discovered, otherwise you have to hand them over to the Ten Thousand Gu Building.
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"Toot, toot!"
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Pick up the black sunflower on the ground, insert it into the small hole, and an upward passage will open directly.
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Su Ran controlled his strength well, formed an earth-shattering golden seal, and punched out a violent fist at the blurred figure.
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With a cold snort, the hidden wings were on his back, and his body was like a stream of light. Without waiting for the opponent's reaction, Su Ran came to the air in an instant, and volleyed out a move of the Void Burning Hand.
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"Swallow it."
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The four of them came to the door of a restaurant named Youyuan, Wang Baiji said: "Su Ran, after you and Qian Buer have booked a room, stay in the restaurant first, and Qin Shu and I will go to the branch of Wangu Building in Nushan City. "
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