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An Ran's brows could no longer be relaxed: "On a good note, the reward of 30 million points must be extremely astonishing, but on a bad note, the system's self-detonation must be as brilliant as... grass, 40 million points!" .

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In Yuanfeng City. ...

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Even if the other party didn't show the slightest breath, but just standing in front of him, he couldn't help but have an illusion that countless avenues between heaven and earth were swarming towards that figure.

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"This king didn't say he was from the Ling family!" Nanming Immortal King No. 2 also couldn't laugh or cry, "What this king means is that since the evil spirit that entangled the Ling family back then is suspected to be Beimian... Oh, the ancestor born on the Shilong Great Wall The descendants of the gods and demons, this person is likely to be in the same situation right now."

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As the price for gaining power, there will be a terrible curse that haunts the spiritual family from generation to generation until the day the bloodline is cut off.

They seemed to rush out of the dead wood, drag An Ran into the dead wood, and become part of them!

"By the way, who are you?!" An Ran tilted her head and questioned.

An Ran was stunned.

Especially after stepping into the realm of immortals, even if it is a loose immortal who has not been able to refine the dao flower, the longevity will usher in a leap-forward improvement.

Feixiantai also seemed to be stimulated. The divine light activated by the black-clothed evil spirit converged and turned into a majestic eight-faced god. Every gesture has the power of holding the sun and the moon to pick up the stars!

"Since you wish, I will arrange it for you."

" walked out of the Jiuqu Life and Death Bridge?!" .

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