paying mortgage early
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【comparing credit offers for term loans handout 1 】 "Gasoline!" Everyone suddenly came to their senses, and immediately realized what the person meant by "burning the company" just now, and the iron balls of emotion were actually filled with gasoline! 。

"Are you sure you didn't hand the doctor a check?"

Shen Yao gave a soft "um" and didn't ask any more questions.

Perhaps even the "Hong Lianshe" did not expect that it was precisely because of their offensive plan in an extraordinary period that they gave Chu Shaoyan an opportunity to attack and merge the hostile forces within the "Hong Lianshe"...

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Shen Yao is more satisfied with this arrangement than dying after a short period of pain now.
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Perhaps, Shen Yao is like him before.
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For Li Zhisen, Chu Shaoyan also hated Li Zhisen to the bone, and was not prepared to ask for his confession.
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Chu Shaoyan smiled wryly: "Lingyou, did you intentionally make me bankrupt?"
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