default on mortgage meaning
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【what do i do after paying off mortgage 】 The masked man scratched his head: "You kid, you have to learn to fly before you can run!" 。

As long as the qi refining is successful, there is no need to worry too much about the issue of longevity in a short period of time, and Ehuang also said that Di Fangxun can say such words, it seems that Hongzhou, or the person himself, In the eyes of the emperor, it already has some weight.

But why is he calling Dayi!

Isn't this cheaper than Gonggong?

"In short, there are probably still, there are still about two years, almost, the accumulation of the next big flood will explode, and the water storage areas in the upper reaches will completely collapse."

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But soon they didn't need to understand. After Dayi's slippers sent them flying, he quickly gave orders to the many little followers behind him.
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The two soon saw the emperor, and Di Fangxun was slowly returning from the farmland, and met them with several ministers.
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"In the past, children at the age of five could play in the fields, and at the age of seven they had already waved a hoe and planted seedlings. Now that their lives are better, it is impossible for children to be ignorant of farming when they are young. Those who don't know how to farm Children will not know the hardships of life in the past, land and farming are the basis of all production and life..."
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After that, it is the Yinchuan Plain under the Helan Mountain, Wuhai, and then to the most famous Hetao Plain under the Yin Mountain!
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The reason for connecting the three gates is that these three places are the best areas to dig no matter how you look at them. Among them, the Shenmen is the gap washed out by the Yellow River itself, just like the gap in the Dragon Gate, while the Human Gate and the Ghost Gate are dug by people themselves. , but there are a lot of gravel and hidden reefs in the ghost gate, which makes sailing in the ghost gate dangerous, so it was abandoned as a channel later.
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"The ancient king called the queen..."
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Don't think that I'm just talking, I can push you apart from talking.
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"Awww! Hoho!"
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