can i go through my parents for a small business loan
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【become a business loan broker 】 Opening the drawer, there are indeed neatly folded panties inside, some of which are translucent with lace, and a few pairs of thongs, just a belt. Chu Shaoyan has more women now, and he gradually understands these things. Now he can't help but feel very embarrassed when he sees them. After hesitating for a while, he chose a relatively unexpected one that seemed to have more, and then closed the drawer as if bitten by a poisonous snake. 。

"Bang!" A member of the Sanlian Association rushing to the front kicked open the courtyard gate. The moment the gate was kicked open, several flashes of fire flashed in the yard, and a burst of dense bullets swept out as if they didn't want money.

It was early summer, and Chu Shaoyan was wearing very thin clothes. He was greatly stimulated when he saw the wonderful woman's body, but now he reacted immediately when he was hit by her like this. He took another big step back in surprise, then turned around and was about to leave.

Ye Ruoxi and Zhong Xiaowen, two girls, chatted with Chu Shaoyan until noon and left the room when class was about to start. Originally Ye Ruoxi planned to stay with Chu Shaoyan, but Doctor Liu Yongshui told her that Chu Shaoyan just woke up and needed a good rest, so Ye Ruoxi reluctantly went to school.

Chu Shaoyan is no stranger to Pushan. The last time he traveled with the United States, in order to fight against those drug dealers, he had experienced a rather tragic battle in Pushan, and finally wiped out the enemy.

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"Boom!" The rocket fell into the air and hit the rock wall of the cave, causing countless huge stones to splash, and one of the huge uneven cliff walls even collapsed!
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Wu Tianhao's blood-red eyes showed the madness of choosing and devouring people, and he grinned grinningly: "Boss, don't worry, I, Wu Tianhao, have not lost any of the ability to eat in those troops. If it's not his death this time, it's me!"
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At this moment, in the face of Chu Shaoyan's stern questioning from the Sanlian headquarters who came to deal with emergency assistance, everyone in the branch hall lowered their heads, including Xu Dahui, the head of the Sanlian branch! However, soon, Ah Bao suddenly raised his head and said, "Brother Chu, I have been determined to get everyone to take action against the Guam Gang now! But several of their backbones are against my opinion!"
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Hearing Ye Jinlong's words, Jiang Dahai nodded with a smile, gave Chu Shaoyan a vicious look and said, "Chu Shaoyan, since you don't follow the rules, don't blame me for turning your back on me!"
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Gently putting two fingers on her wrist, Chu Shaoyan slowly sent two streams of internal breath into her body, flowing slowly through the meridians, feeling that her physical condition was obviously worse than last year, and the other party had The breath of cultivation has been completely out of control. If it continues, within two or three months, the mature woman will be completely paralyzed, and may even die.
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Ye Tianhe knew he was wrong, and didn't feel any dissatisfaction with Chu Shaoyan's attitude, but continued to explain: "Before you and Ruoxi came to Nanxiong City, I have already learned about the situation of the enemy Zhulian Association through special channels. I paid a lot of money to invite the masters of the Snow Wolf Mercenary Group to arrest Ruoxi, so I asked my old man to come forward and invite you to protect my only daughter. I lied to Zhang Haohai, saying that you are the future heir of the gang, and went to Nanxiong The city is here for training, the purpose is to let you choose the right candidate, arrange the most complete security system, and resist the masters of the Snow Wolf Mercenary Group.
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Chu Shaoyan was not polite, took the money casually and said, "Thank you, Mike, I will return it to you as soon as possible in the future."
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Liudie became a victim, but the reason why Hua Youlan can still breathe now is because of her loyal personal protection of Huzi. The enemy underestimated Huzi's strength, so that when Huzi attacked violently, the enemy was caught off guard and was killed five or six times, giving Hua Youlan time to escape!
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