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【about how long does it take to get student loan refunds back 】 Song Yingjie won't suffer from this kind of ostracism, Ling Haoxuan won't suffer from it, and even Hiller won't suffer from it. It's very simple, Wu Tianhao, An Linshan, and Shi Hongzhi have always looked down on this guy who doesn't seem to have much ability and made his fortune by killing his master. Even Song Yingjie is the same. They despise Jin Shangbang from the bottom of their hearts. 。

Niu Geng didn't even blink his eyes, just stared at her stupidly.

Confused, Chu Shaoyan interrogated Xiyang Fat Pig again, but Fat Pig's answer surprised him slightly: Duguba never came to the island at all, he has been hiding behind the scenes and has not been involved in this transaction; Hong Lian will show up to Hao Yun and Lu Zhen, Hao Yun has been killed on the boat, and Lu Zhen is on the island.

Chu Shaoyan couldn't help but smiled and said: "It's okay, it doesn't understand at all."

The joint attack of the three masters was defeated in one fell swoop, which shocked the rest of the dozen or so people. Even Wu Jialian and Wu Huijun, the two big bosses of the Honglian Society, became suspicious: Could it be that the previous mudslide did not cause anything to Chu Shaoyan at all? harm?

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Chu Shaoyan was sweating from the heavy rain, so he hurriedly quickened his pace, walked three steps in two, and came to Hua Yuxuan's ward at a high speed.
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Chu Shaoyan smiled lightly: "I have to be responsible for everyone, including my women, friends, and those who are in the political circle. If you step into a trap, it may not only be difficult to save yourself, but it may even harm you Someone who wants to protect."
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The next day, the president of Kamei Trading Co., Ltd. Kamei Jienan met Chu Shaoyan, but the result of the meeting made Chu Shaoyan quite unhappy. Unexpectedly, the cooperation conditions proposed by the Kamei Trading Company in Dongying Capital were quite harsh, which was absolutely unacceptable to Chu Shaoyan. However, in terms of foreign mergers and acquisitions, Kamei Trading Co., Ltd. has a natural advantage. Whether it is resources, experience, or connections, many companies in Huaxia Jiangdong are still lacking.
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The victorious girl ran over with her bare feet, kissed the rock man on the forehead, and then ran back dazed. At this moment, although her feet were hurting, her heart was as sweet as honey.
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"Hmph, they're all old friends. Director Wang, for the sake of Deputy Bai's detachment, let me advise you: Don't get involved with them. The criminal investigation detachment of the Municipal Bureau will come over to take over the case soon, Jiabei District, go to his uncle's !"
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"I hope that Mr. Zhou can take care of my brother when he comes to the police station." Chu Shaoyan raised his lips slightly: "Because this matter is indeed not done by our Sanlian Association."
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"Boss, you're the first!" Among them, the guy with yellow teeth and thin body smiled and said to the polar bear, and the other two also agreed and let the polar bear go first.
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"I'm sorry, this is my negligence." Before leaving the mourning hall, Chu Shaoyan hugged Li Xu and said in a low voice.
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