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He rested one hand heavily on An Ran's shoulder, breathing more and more heavily, and his eyes were bloodshot. In the past, Wang Tianzong always behaved elegantly and dignifiedly, how could he lose his composure? ... calculate interest on interest free credit card

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Dang Kang took a sip of the powdered salt, then turned his head and arched towards the southwest. .

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The old patriarch revealed the identity of this strange beast! ...

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Yu Meng pointed to the place where he picked it up, and said to Yu Zai, "Wu, this is Bu Jia."

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But after that, the woman suddenly giggled.

The goddess suddenly realized that the Taisu altar was turning under her feet, and a Taisu rune rose slowly, evolving into billions of visions. That day, the light of the knife and knife could analyze everything, but as the light of the knife approached, the Taisu rune also appeared. Crazy changes, continuous and endless!

The boy in the yellow shirt held the fruit tree in his hand, narrowed his eyes slightly, and looked An Ran up and down: "You are indeed an interesting person, and it is worth my coming to see you in person, but this should be the first time we meet, why are you Pretending to know me well?"

"So I died."

This situation is full of boundless weirdness and frightening!

The boy in the yellow shirt raised his eyebrows, and the incomprehension in his eyes became more intense.


In fact, he is still a little worried...

Yu Zai felt that, regarding this point, perhaps he could work hard on these two tribes, laying a solid foundation for the Chifang clan to open their totems and awaken in the future.

"Sooner or later, we will come back with a sharp weapon, tear off your tortoise shell, break your eagle beak, and put your flesh and blood in the fire. The newborn children of the tribe will eat your flesh, Listen to the stories of the predecessors and thrive." .

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