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Su Ran suspects that this is a little benefit brought about by his pursuit of a breakthrough in the full source of mythology. ... private investors, secured $500,000 loan, 15yr wanted

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Half a quarter of an hour later, Su Ran walked out of the darkness and came to the light. .

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"What is the state of my transparent body now?" ...

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Su Ran quickly sensed the ability of Poison Domain.

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Su Ran never asked about the gender of the Immortal Gu. He did it two hours ago. The Immortal Gu is a female Gu.

Seeing Su Ran's great power, Gu Chun and Min Jie didn't dare to stay, and immediately led Jue Yue and retreated quickly.

Corrosive fog!

Su Ran paused, nodded and said: "You are right, you can organize a group of people to take them over."

The Demon Heart Sutra, I don’t know if it has something to do with the golden pages I saw in my mind, or maybe it has something to do with the Vipassana Sutra...

"I don't know...does it have any effect on Gu Immortal..."

"You don't know about magic envoys and servants?"

The crescent moon imprint on the heart grew again, the black did not increase, and even decreased a little, the silver increased a little, and the gold increased a lot.

The appointment of ten days is naturally enough to give the power of poison enough time to recover. By then, the power of ten strands of poison will all recover.

Wang Gouyan and Ouyang Qi were thoughtful. .

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The ancestor Yantian who endorsed Su Ran also took advantage of the situation and said: .

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