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An Ran smiled pointedly.

"Okay, okay, don't look at me with this expression. If you really want to remedy it, there is no chance at all. Isn't the place we discovered last time just right now?"

An Ran smiled brightly.

"What exactly does this mysterious man in black want to do? Use this section of the Great Wall to kill me? That would be overkill. If it really hits me, let alone me, even the star where Xianqin is... They will all be turned into powder in an instant!"

If the material itself is not bad, I am afraid it has already been weathered into sand.

Most of the later systems are not so reliable.

Just like in Huode Xingjun's body, the blood turned into veins of skyfire flame crystals.

The number of times he was silenced by An Ran exceeded the sum of his past many years!

It is completely understandable for An Ran to keep people behind to investigate one by one.

Lingwu stayed there on the spot. .

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At this time, Su Dian suddenly narrowed his eyes, and asked in a low voice, "Brother Dao, what you said just now are all the talents of the Four Great Sacred Lands, so what about Xianqin, who is from Xianqin?" Where are the Tianjiao characters, and what level are their strengths?" .

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