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"I'll take my uncle's words first, and when I swallow the sun totem and develop my skills, I will definitely visit my uncle!" ... non profit mortgage lenders

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"Boy, don't look at the old man telling you to run now. In fact, as long as the old man's mana recovers, this guy can't walk ten swords under the old man's hands...Enlightened beast, don't look back, run!" .

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Taotie announced on the spot that this sheep was already on my Jinyun Clan's hunting list. Once it entered Hongzhou, the sheep would be found even if it was dug three feet into the ground, and sacrificed to the Taotie Totem. Stewed directly from the bone or something, if I don't drink it for three days, I can't relieve my hatred. ...

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The female Qi said angrily: "You are bewitching the people! There is the Ran family! I respect you as the descendants of Emperor Yan, you should not make such a chaotic decision!"

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It's another year of severe cold, turning over the past, it will be the ninth year of Yan Zai's life in this world.

"Although the city wall is not allowed to be built, there is still your homeland where it is not close to the water. Build three walls over there and open one side to this place. This is called a larger 'courtyard' rather than a city."

The old man's tone was a bit vague:

In the past, the concubine gave the method of water control in Shu, so the people of Shu went out to Xiling to look for the Juling family. Now it has been several years. I wonder if the Dujiangyan in Shu has been successfully built?

"Boss, it's Xing Tian! Do you want to try to subdue him..."

Yuzai said casually, and left with the clay tablet in a murmur, but it was recorded by some Shu people. They have been with Yuzai for a long time, and they also know that Yuzai often said some strange things that don't mean anything. But the pile of three stars... no, the ruins of three stars, the name is not bad.

"The great lamb warns you that construction is ahead, garbage is being cleaned up, and no passage is allowed... If you don't listen to dissuasion, you will be at your own risk?"

"Let me tell you what we just talked about..."

"Boy, do you want me to go to your territory with you and help you work? Yes! As long as you worship me as your teacher, everything is easy to talk about."

Speaking of which, Junior Brother, you are still the successor of Mad Dog's will! .

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Although Shaoji had never heard of the Central Plains dialect, nor did she have any foundation for reading and recognizing characters, and she didn't even know what characters were, but under the guidance of Yan Zai, she was able to quickly become familiar with some pronunciations of the Central Plains characters. .

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