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【rcs online loan application 】 Today's Long Fei has become the chief director, and his clothes are no longer as casual as before, but an Armani suit, which looks like a successful person. 。

"Yeah, I heard that a lot of small fresh meats were raised outside, and now they are bankrupt, and they have become like this ghost."

"For this show, I specially charged the members, and now I can't watch it, so you refund the money."

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With one touch, everything is plunged into darkness. A handsome face reappeared in Jinghua's mind again, and she couldn't shake it off, and couldn't drive it away.
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"Yes, refund the money!"
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I'll tell you when I catch up! "
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But they can't say anything, they can only stare blankly like the people around them, just like watching a play.
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Shangguan Zetian dragged Chu Shaoyan to the stairwell, and the quarrel immediately became louder.
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"It's really like a person, your calligraphy is very artistic and beautiful!" the female shopkeeper praised.
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However, as soon as the words finished, Jing Hua rushed over and slapped Wei Tong on the face. Wei Tong jumped up and wanted to fight back, but Wang Hong punched him down and kicked him to the ground.
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"Are you talking about the marriage contract with the Dugu family? Do you mean that you want me to marry that dude Dugu Linfeng? Dad, sometimes I really wonder if I am your own. Why do you push me so hard into the fire pit? !"
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