what is a tax credit?
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【how bad does collections hurt credit 】 "Wind! Wind!" 。

"That means Mr. Wu Pan is not here, otherwise if the ten witches of Lingshan Mountain are here, he will still be rushed to the front!"

In the south, the wind pressure has been overwhelmed, the autumn water swelled, the rivers competed, and the mountains and rivers flooded again. The strong wind blew the trees down, and the hurricane passed the hills, leaving only the grass.

The flame on the astrolabe is indeed much shorter. According to the description of the second son of the Erbashenren, Nomaka, when they left, the reduction of the flame on the astrolabe was not very obvious.

"If the current life is far better than the past, who will miss the difficult old days except us, the new children?"

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"This is a mountain full of hope. When I come back, this world should be different, right?"
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Next, Di Fangxun highly affirmed Danzhu's work, and also highly praised all the personnel who participated in the war, including Cang Shu, Yan Long, Huandou, and fighters from various major tribes, and then made a table (slips) , At that time, read it at the sacrifice and hold a commendation meeting. After all, Sanmiao was defeated, and the effect was much better than originally expected.
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Cang Shu is a fighter, it doesn't matter if he dies or not, but Huan Dou knows he can't die!
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The warriors of Yangdi Mountain knew the importance of the stakes, and the Patriarch Shejian was in danger for a moment, but he roared, and the Sanmiao warriors beside him were blocked by the rest of the Yangdi Mountain warriors rushing up. In the melee, he was killed The man hit his arm with an axe, and at the moment when he was about to strike, a flying ax suddenly struck, and a majestic warrior from Yangdi Mountain was smashed dozens of feet away!
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A rare fire wizard, at least until now, among the wizards I have known and met besides myself, it is said that the witch of the Susha clan is a fire wizard, and then the Chilong patriarch of Sanmiao, and this little-known female wizard , is the third fire witch that Yuzai has seen.
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Guzi tilted his head.
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You are so cowhide! Do you still want to eat tonight?
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"Yeah, that's the one, it's an earth beast!"
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