small contract for personal loan to a friend
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【small business loan benefits 】 "Still enjoying the cold? Look at your body, it's almost as cold as a popsicle." Chu Shaoyan said. 。

Li Hongbing nodded and said: "I have already reported to the leadership of the department. Secretary Ke and Director Jiang are likely to arrive at the scene within half an hour. This is the scene of the explosion, but it is also the scene of the crime. Two suggestions: first, none of the wounded should be let go; second, protect the evidence and evidence, take more photos, and save the photos of the scene from all angles before saving people!"

"Hi, I'm Shu Huiyue." The thin, but hale and hearty short man stepped forward and stretched out his hand. Under the glasses were a pair of quiet and sophisticated eyes. Now after ten years of honing, this Shu Huiyue is no longer an ordinary person .

Seeing the snake's actions, Chu Shaoyan's nerves were tense right now. As for Ye Ruoxi, if Chu Shaoyan hadn't covered her mouth, she might have screamed. Seeing the poisonous snake getting closer and closer, Chu Shaoyan was also thinking about the way out, and made a decision in his heart.

"Okay, now I'm starting to order the submarine to launch electronic jamming, completely cutting off all communications within five nautical miles, only our short-frequency walkie-talkie can be used, let's go!"

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"Yes, Secretary Liu!" Ke Bin then turned around and held Chu Shaoyan's hand heartily: "Welcome, Comrade Chu Shaoyan, at least we are colleagues fighting side by side in the past few days!"
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At the same time, Tong Xi also came out to help. The executive deputy mayor Tong Zhengbei made a surprise visit to the Municipal Public Security Bureau, holding back a group of high-level police officers. Hao Zhen also personally interviewed Wang Hong, the head of the criminal investigation detachment, to discuss the issue of his black case in the democratic review.
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"Of course." Chu Shaoyan explained, "After the storm, fish schools will usually come to the island. There will be swirls here, and the swirls will bring a lot of microorganisms, and the fish schools will eat a feast."
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"No, I won't go!" Tang Wanruo turned her body sideways, curled up, and raised her plump buttocks that were so beautiful that they could burn people's eyes.
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Chu Shaoyan touched her head, leaned over and kissed her on the cheek: "I love Jiangshan, but I love beauties even more. If I were in politics, how could I have you?"
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Chu Shaoyan waved to Zidie, and the two bent down and moved towards each other quickly and lightly.
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"Crack! Swoosh!" Hei Niu was inexplicably surprised when the camera he held up in his hand suddenly shattered, and the fragments from the explosion hit Hei Pi Lao's body!
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"This case involves a major case in Huaxia and several high-ranking officials, underground social organizations, and corporate interest groups. If you handle it, you will definitely scare the snake. Therefore, this case must be handled by us. Miss Faulkner, remember that this is not The high seas, but in China's inner seas, your Interpol has no right to make other special requests!"
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