what is provisional credit
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【what states ban credit checks for employment 】 Although Hen'er is the first son, the essence of Gu may not be delivered to him accurately, you all have a chance. " 。

Has the disease come to the Demon Palace?

Su Ran accepted all the resources with satisfaction.

If I hadn't saved you from Qu Jinghong, would you have survived till now?

The strength of a top Rank 5 Gu Immortal is equivalent to that of a third rank.

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This is the method of the August Immortal!
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It's settled, it's settled, this is what Su Ran wants to pursue.
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The three princes hesitated for a while, and finally led a few four-rank enshrinements to help Su Ran get the treasure.
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Of course, this is not invincible domain power.
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The distance between Yuyi Wangling and Yuyi Wangling is very far, and the deadline given by Yuyi Wang is only seven days.
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Feel the strength of the combined Qianruo Shui's domain power.
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You Qu hurriedly ran out of Beigonghou's mansion, and went directly to Beigonghen: "Young Lord, two balls of Gu essence have been sent here, and King Yuyi personally used the power of space to send them here."
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All eyes were on the woman in yellow.
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