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chase business loan application form - small business commercial real estate loan personal credit .Before arriving at the on-duty point, the team members in the station gathered together in twos and threes to brag and fart. Many of the team members were puzzled by Su Ran's arrival. |.

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"Yes, it's a pity." The other three captains looked at the corpse of the captain of the first team with a little regret. .

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Xiao Yong stared blankly at Su Ran, with blood gushing from his mouth and throat. ...

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The team members had already tensed their nerves, and the rain of arrows shot out following the sound.

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Unlike Su Ran, Hua Yan was out of breath after using the triangle seal twice.

Liu Changwu has already realized his ending.

The wild ginseng melted in the mouth, and a warm medicinal power poured from the mouth into the limbs.

Bamboo tube?

He likes this way of fighting, no knife method, sword method, spear method, stick method, or claw method are as direct as fists.

Quickly stretched out his claws and gave the iron armored ox a knife, and the iron armored ox died.

Seeing the excitement of the person coming, Li Shan straightened his face, pointed at the other person's nose and scolded: "Zhang Jiuqing, what do you mean, Su Ran just died, who will you show your smiling face to, if Boss Su sees it Your appearance will definitely take you away in a dream, hum!"

"One hundred and thirty-three Gu pupae..."

"No, everything is fine, now my father and several uncles are at Uncle Zhang's house."

When it came to the issue of the iron-clad cowhide and Su Ran's face, Li Shan paused, and stopped scolding Su Ran. He walked quickly to the iron-clad cowhide, touched the iron-clad cowhide, first frowned, and then praised again and again: .

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"Hey, what are you talking about? The owner of the five villages just died the night before, and there was another wild disaster last night. The owner of the third village will not go tonight. I see, this Longshan village is about to change." Someone said The crowd sighed. .

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