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【installment loans for self-employed with bad credit 】 How long has it been since Su Ran accepted the three Gu arts? 。

It can be said that there is almost no information about the trace of the bucket turntable.

The power of the bone qin is so great, Su Ran is unwilling to let it go.

Being controlled by the accused worm spores, and then fighting back, is a vivid portrayal of most battle-damaged Gu masters.

If you want to go to Duantianyuan to seek opportunities, you have to leave the city, and when you leave the city, you have to consider Patriarch Heikui and the Yayoi Gate, and you have to deal with Patriarch Heikui first.

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"Su Ran, hand over the three mythical Gu you got!" Chang Kongli shouted.
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But now, Su Ran is definitely qualified as a super genius.
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This exchange of Gu is troublesome, it is not exchange of merit for Gu, but exchange of Gu for Gu.
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The voice came from under the city walls.
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As for the task of locating the Gu beast group, it was passed on to Su Ran.
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"Set off!"
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Grade Eight Gu!
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"I can indeed win, but, I really lost."
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