bank pay back on small business loan
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【buying supplies on loan for another business 】 "Fang Lingyu! You can fight against my puppet! Hahaha!" 。

Xia Gan also paid attention to these three people for a few moments, and found that being the face of the current freshmen of Chunqiu Academy is indeed not in vain.

Jinghua was still leaning on the seat, her suppressed sobs faintly lingering in her ears.

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Wei Tao pulled the microphone closer in front of him, coughed and said, "I don't come to the branch office very often, and Wei Tao doesn't see many comrades in the branch office. It's not that I'm a bureaucrat. I believe in Comrade Wu Hongda. He's an old member of the Standing Committee. I have also worked in the branch office for a long time, and I have always done outstanding work. The nature of this incident is serious, and the impact is very bad! Of course, this has little to do with the work of Comrade Wu Hongda. He didn't correct his position, and he didn't act in accordance with the law in handling the case!"
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Finally unable to restrain her emotions, she choked up and couldn't continue, covered her mouth and ran out. It turns out that feelings really hurt so much!
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Guo Caiwei was shocked, and quickly issued an order. This iron-backed ape demon king is not comparable to the previous swarms of iron-backed apes. Even if the Guo family has hundreds of guards, they can't resist it!
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