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【loan relationship rules online training 】 Mo Lingyu was wondering, when suddenly there was a stab, and a puff of thick smoke made him cough violently. 。

The municipal compound is much more majestic than Chu Shaoyan imagined, and there is a ten-story building standing in the compound. The greening in the yard is very good, the lawn is well groomed, and all kinds of trees are showing a little fresh green, full of spring.

Mo Lingxiao hesitated a little, and pulled the barrier with a wave of his hand before Liao Jinyu was about to curse.

As Su Nian spoke, he pushed his hips, and slowly stretched his arms around Mo Lingxiao's waist.

Mo Lingxiao's eyes were full of disappointment, and more of it was an unknown heartache. Su Nian really liked women, and he might never have the chance to say what he thought about him in this life.

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Seeing the senior brother facing the junior sister, Chen Ye said dissatisfiedly: "Why should I let her go? If it is the senior brother, I should give in to the junior sister. Then I will call her senior sister just like Luo Yun."
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Hearing Chu Shaoyan's question, Gu Yue was taken aback for a moment, then shook his head and said, "President Chu, this accident is not that simple, I'm afraid it will be very difficult to shorten the time period of the investigation, and if the opponent Tianda Group If the time comes to intervene, we will be in trouble."
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"Well, someone who means a lot to me."
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Su Nian yelled at the upstairs, stretched out her foot and kicked away the drunk man who was passed out on the stairs, and strode up to the second floor. Just as she was about to knock on the door, she saw a plump, middle-aged lady with heavy makeup coming out of the room, waving a beauty fan in her hand. He said impatiently: "Scream, cry, you are screaming in the early morning, and the girls have to pick up guests at night, disturb them to rest and see if I don't clean up you."
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Su Nian smiled, and didn't believe what Peony said at all. She wanted to say something more when she heard Peony continue: "You were thrown into my yard in the middle of the night, Anian, did something happen to Yunque Palace? Or... What's wrong with you?"
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What's more, it's really wrong for Su Nian to push people down.
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All the little details made Su Nian more sure that he did not look for the wrong place.
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Although I have practiced the ability to snatch food from dogs since I was a child, I can run faster than ordinary people, and I have learned a lot from Mo Lingxiao, but the speed of Mo Lingyu, Liao Jinyu and the Palace Master just now are definitely faster than dogs Countless times, how could he easily escape from their hands?
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