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【next student loan payment 】 As if knowing the woman's next move, Mo Lingxiao stabbed the woman's long sword into the cave wall with his hands, and the aura gathered at his fingertips. The white aura knocked down all the petals and sharp blades that the woman attacked, turned them into pink powder, merged with the air, and finally disappeared Exhausted. 。

At the end of Su Nian's speech, the choked up voice couldn't articulate a single word, she just shook her head helplessly while holding the peony, tears streaming down her eyes rapidly, this kind of heart-piercing pain was like losing her parents overnight , Su Nian couldn't control the pain, he could only watch helplessly, he couldn't do anything, he couldn't do anything, he was suffocated, no matter the previous life or the present life, it was still so unforgettable and painful.

Su Nian licked her lips, staring at Peony with longing expression.

Su Nian paused while speaking, turned her head to look at the pale peony sitting on the ground, and continued: "I'm afraid that people in the world will never think of Yunque, who has always cared about the common people and cultivated immortality, and prides himself on protecting the people of the world. Palace, actually did such a shameful act, Palace Master Mo is not afraid that you will bully the few, and the scandal of bullying the weak will spread, ruining the century-old reputation of Yunque Palace."

"Don't even look at it!"

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For Su Nian's request, Mo Lingxiao was stunned for a long time. You must know that since the year when his seven-year-old mother passed away, his personality has gradually become introverted, and he never wants to get close to others, even his own. Father Mo Yunfeng, he has never been close to him, the most basic heart-to-heart talk between father and son, they have almost never had it, let alone other people.
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The surrounding air suddenly became stuffy, and Mo Lingxiao didn't know the weight of the jade flute in Su Nian's heart, but he suddenly became extremely quiet, his body trembled slightly, as if he had received a great blow and injury.
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Hearing what Mo Lingyu said, both of them were surprised and vigilant.
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The dark-brown bloodstains on Su Nian's face surged with emotion, and spread under the collar.
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Su Nian couldn't allow Su Nian to think too much, and the whole person quickly fell to the ground like a dog eating shit.
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"After an hour, if you don't cut off your tongue, I will let you see Satan!" Suddenly, a cold face appeared in front of everyone, and Ka Suo walked to Chu Shaoyan's side at some point, with a cold expression and eyes full of anger. Instead of disdain, he didn't pay much attention to the Golden Triangle Earth Emperor in front of him.
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Before meeting Mo Lingxiao, Su Nian always felt that he was already tall, but every time he stood with Mo Lingxiao, he always felt a little uncomfortable. His future daughter-in-law was half a head taller than him. So sad!
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Su Nian was very surprised, he seemed not fully prepared yet.
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