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【free online interest calulator 】 Aww... 。

Just do it!

Qian Buer occasionally said: "Seeing Brother Su's move to deal with the five Yuan bandits today, it is even more agile. Is Brother Su already a second-rank Gu Master?"

In two days, Qian Buer and Feng Jieren had already transferred [Roe Skin Toad], and were going to go to Beiyuan City with Su Ran.

Seeing Xiao Yong's appearance, Su Ran knew that the other party was acting, so she didn't make a sound.

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The door of [Roe deer skin toad] opened, Qian Buer rubbed his eyes and walked out, seeing a circle of people in front of the door, he was shocked, and said in surprise: "What happened, why did everyone gather in front of the shop?"
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In the battle with Xiao Yong, Xiao Yong regarded Su Ran as a Gu Master, and Su Ran knew that he could borrow the identity of a Gu Master. Unrecognizable.
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Before dawn, the entire Longshan Village was full of figures, all running in one direction.
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Big trouble.
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However, Su Ran didn't mean to talk nonsense. Every second of delay would be more dangerous. No one knew if outsiders rushed to Xiao Yong's house suddenly.
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Thinking of the news about Su Ran's death that came yesterday, Li Shan's heart ached again, and he looked up to the sky and cried out: "Boss Su, I, Li Shan, am sorry for you. team, he won't be transferred to the hunting team by Zhang An, I'm the one who killed Su Ran!"
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Blood, headless corpses, sunken chests, severed arms...
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This is also because Su Ran is eager to improve his strength. In the future, if he has the conditions, he must first figure out the characteristics of the Gu insects to integrate into the Gu source.
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