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In other words, zooming in on the entire body, the existence of Jue Yang is to cultivate the soldiers of the sun and the moon, and all the juicy suns are seeds. All of this is a complete conspiracy. ... text language for a basic secured personal loan

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Will's dark night swung out again, with a slanted swing, and cut through the thick mountain lion robe on Alan Ashes' back, like a sharp blade cut through the light snow, this sword also cut through the close-fitting chain mail on Tai Lun's body , cut through the thick inner lining under his chain mail, leaving a line of blood on the skin of his dark back. .

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"Yes, you and I are one. Before you encounter danger, I will protect you and fight for you, but if you refuse to step into a higher level, I will become your fault." ...

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Moreover, Su Ran also felt the inexplicable vibration just now.

When absorbing the soldiers of the sun and the moon for the first time, it was obvious that something was touched, so don't move rashly.

Will didn't dare to be negligent, the strange ghosts attacked, and from the information analysis given by the old forest demon, it seemed that the Night King was just a pawn of the cold god. Is the cold god going to make all the continents his frozen land? In this fantasy world, Will has nowhere to escape except to fight.

"As you and I expected," Eddard said, handing the letter to Maester Luwin.

Maester Aemon's blind eyes looked at Will under the council table.

He is not afraid of one or two saints, but he is still a little worried about five or six.

Let Jiugouzhan transform Zeyuan into a Gu, and then he hides in Zeyuan again. If the water of Zeyuan does not dry up, others will not be able to find him.

Ban Er and Kona Cao are the scouts sent by Mu Dun, responsible for guarding the west side of Castle Black, guarding against the brothers in black from the Shadow Tower. This was arranged by Master Will when he went outside the Great Wall. He and Kona Cao have been waiting here for two days without seeing anyone.

The most important thing is that Su Ran wants to know Yuyi's opinion on the Bulual Mountain of Deceitful Yang, and maybe, Yuyi can do him a big favor...

The sword was of good quality, but not Will's type. .

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"I'm going to take them with me." Will insisted, his tone unhurried. .

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