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【no hassle bad credit loans 】 Dugu old thief said: "You give Zhao Yanni a word, let her hold Nangong Mingdao firmly, and it is best to get a man and a half woman as soon as possible. If that is the case, it will be justified if she has the opportunity to become the leader of Huali Group in the future, but Nangong That guy Minghao has been getting closer and closer to Huading Group recently." 。

Just as An and Shi were being sent away, Li Xu knocked on the door suddenly and came in. He brought a piece of news that lifted Chu Shaoyan's spirit: Wu Tianhao and Li Yiqian, two retired teammates of the Tigers, had just arrived in Jiangcheng ! After more than half a year, the five tigers of the former Tiger Special Forces are going to gather in Dajiang City!

A whole hour later, when the policeman uncuffed the handcuffs, the guy was already curled up, lying on the ground stiff and unable to get up for a long time, his face was pale, and his lips were trembling.

"Secretary Wang, I hope my death can wash away the filth on my body. I really regret it!"

"Shaoyan, who let you sit in my seat? You want to usurp power, do you think you are the president?"

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Due to the top-level security procedures, it is impossible for ordinary people to enter the compound, and even a peep will invite questioning by those extremely fit veterans.
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The police inspector sternly reprimanded, and then bowed to Xiao Zhengnan and his party.
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Wu and Li quickly stood up and responded in unison: "Yes! Commander, please give the order!"
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"You can do it, I never thought that my sister would trust you so much!" The little witch looked at him and said.
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The rock man gently stroked her forehead and smiled wryly.
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"Crack, crack..." Even after he swam far away, he still heard the sound, while the red color on the sea behind him was spreading...
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"Shaoyan, leave me behind, and go by yourself..." Shangguan Zetian kept looking back, and suddenly cried out "Wow", slapped Chu Shaoyan's shoulder continuously, and even pulled himself and Chu Shaoyan together. The ropes tied together are intended to allow Chu Shaoyan to give up the burden and escape.
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"By the way, Lingyou, what are you doing here this time?" The rock man had no choice but to pretend to be confused and change the topic; now that he is full of debts, it is true that he can no longer provoke other girls.
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