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As a result, the missile suddenly turned a corner and flew past the plane, and exploded into fireworks all over the sky with a loud bang. ... how to get a small loan from the bank

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Cheng Shu said: "Not necessarily, Qian Mo followed us, if they really came after us, it would be impossible to use this kind of weapon." ...

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Seeing that Jiang Li is so sensible, my aunt smiled happily: "Jiang Li is still sensible, let me tell you, the girls I introduced to you are definitely good girls, beautiful people, and good conditions. I don't worry about anything else. , I’m afraid that people will look down on you. But they also said that money is not the problem, the problem is that people are good. Young man, come on!”

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have to say that this little girl is really cute, but the wild little eyes with pride make people feel uncomfortable when looking at her.

The other is that under this guy's arrogance, those demons let us come to fight.

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Cheng Shu smiled and said, "Do you mind if there is one more person?"

Hei Lian was dumbfounded and said: "I'm going... Is there really such a shameless person? But did God give him this little power? This is too scum..."

For the first time, this group of demons had their confidence in the emperor shaken.

Sister Hong helped the old man wash the sheets and changed clothes, and cleaned up the house along the way.

Wu Yangqing blinked, her eyes instantly turned into double pupils, the distant scene began to enlarge, and finally she could see clearly!

Jiang Li cut his throat and said, "I want to leave, but you can't hold me back."

Li Cheng didn't look at these people at all, he only had Jiang Lijia in his eyes, and now he just wanted to kill this bastard who made him look bad and ruined his future. .

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Jiang Li has encountered people with 10,000 resentment points, such as Beastmaster. .

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