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【apply for a small loan 】 "Dugu Ba kept his face down, maybe it was also to confuse us, using your actions to confuse us. In fact, we were also confused by him, and we have not been able to control his real whereabouts. The most likely reason why he won this time is He absconded, and took away all the valuable belongings of Hong Lianhui and 'Royal No. 2', and fled abroad to make a comeback." 。

At first, Xu Dahui and the others wondered what Chu Shaoyan was doing with a quilt. When they saw the face protruding from the quilt, they were all stunned as if they had seen a ghost; but none of them People went to ask Toyotomi Maaya why she appeared in Chu Shaoyan's arms.

If it wasn't for the urgent situation at the border, Ling Heng would have returned to Yunhai long ago.

Ye Tianhe probably wouldn't choose to hand over such a large legendary gang like Sanlian to Chu Shaoyan to take care of it! At the same time, Chu Shaoyan returned to reality from contemplation. The development of things now is a bit beyond his imagination. If he knew that the relationship between Zhang Haohai and Ye Tianhe is so special, he shouldn't have put forward such a condition at the beginning-to let all the gang members of Sanlian Nanxiong listen to him. Now that the condition is raised, let him Some embarrassment.

Toyotomi Maaya's words are hidden in the needle, which is obviously an implicit counterattack against Chu Shaoyan's rejection of her; but this counterattack is not offensive, but it can make people understand that this is a self-respecting, independent, and proud woman .

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"I invited you personally, and I didn't invite you to eat delicacies from mountains and seas, but just some snacks, so you don't have to worry about Ka Suo blaming you." Chu Shaoyan seemed to understand what they were worried about, and smiled.
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The old man who was called Mr. Jiang by the president nodded, then he glanced around the crowd and breathed steadily: "I asked President Ye to preside over this meeting today. The purpose of holding this meeting is very simple, it is to deal with some Important affairs in the guild, as the general manager of the safety of each venue and clubhouse, I asked Chairman Ye to notify everyone of this meeting for one purpose, and that is that there is a problem in the field I am responsible for. Since the problem has arisen , then we must solve this problem! This is the purpose of my asking Chairman Ye to call everyone here."
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"No no, you are beautiful. Actually, I really have to leave now."
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At this moment, all the big men felt the terrible killing intent on Chu Shaoyan! It seemed that he noticed that his companion's face was very ugly, and then the big man in the lead sneered and said, "Everyone, keep going! What are you doing in a daze, he's injured and bleeding now, and his physical strength is exhausted very quickly!"
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When he entered the door, he saw You Wenda and Xu Yuanpei standing in the middle of the meeting room, trembling, pale face, looking at them with despair.
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"Uncle Hai, don't leave Ruoxi!" Ye Ruoxi cried again, she cried so sadly!
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A week later, Chu Shaoyan recovered. During this week, except for Ye Ruoxi and Zhong Xiaowen who went to chat with Chu Shaoyan at noon every day, Chu Shaoyan basically spent time alone in the hospital bed in the manor. .
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"No." Chu Shaoyan shook his head, then sneered, "I threw him on the streets of Fenghuang."
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