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The days of the two days are coming to an end soon, and during this period, small tribes came here one after another, most of them concentrated in the second half.

"You are a boy from the Mohong family! Don't worry, we are here to rescue you! But he is..."

And the Shandu God doesn't seem to be in their tribe, and he doesn't know where he went.

Another point is that everyone is actually a little afraid of Akakata's witchcraft, and they dare not try their best, so that they couldn't win the other party in the first place, and now they can't win even more.

However, Ji Wuzhu didn't care about the strange names like A Hong in Chisongzi's mouth. Soon, the greetings between the two ended.

"The so-called qi refiner must first understand the source of qi..."

Guzi took two steps, and suddenly the fires began to descend and gradually extinguished.

Lamb said that you know a hammer. This is what you should do as a totem. The people in the tribe have now discovered that the salt soil has been stolen, and we have found the guy who stole the salt soil and caught him. Those idiots in the tribe must Let us cast our eyes on the five bodies we admire, so that we can get a little more food when we eat in the future.....

Concubine Zai patted the ground: "Is it good, think about it, our salary is generous here, the security is in place, and the food is absolutely excellent! If you are sick, there will be special treatment, and we will build a new development area of Shanhai Times together, look at you Brother, in the past twenty days, my stomach has gained a lot of weight!"

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It's pretty accurate when you shoot the target yourself! Why is this so..... .

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