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Ling Heng smiled playfully, stepped on the accelerator, and the car started instantly. ... business loan for property development

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"I'll help you make up the balance of the tuition fee." Ma Yulian told Song Xin her purpose, and then pointed to the luggage: "It's you, why are you crying here? What's the matter with your luggage?" ...

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Chen Jianhua pushed his glasses and asked curiously, "What's the matter?"

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Everyone was shocked by Zuoqiu's handwriting again, and they all wondered when such a hidden person came to Yunhai.

"Uncle and aunt, hello, I am Xueqi's boyfriend, and my name is Ling Heng."

He and Su Xueqi had only met once, even if they met again by chance, he was not interested in saying hello.

The burly figure of Zuoqiu stood quietly beside Ling Heng with an indifferent expression.

Ling Heng could see the subtle ambition in his eyes, so he pointed it out directly: "I have a chance to let your business continue to develop, and it is not a problem to surpass the top giants."

"The task hasn't been completed yet?" Wu Neng was furious when he heard the news, "What are you doing for food?"

I have passed by the mall many times before, but I just looked at it from a distance.

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Su Jianxiong was stunned, Li Jin was obviously speaking for Ling Heng. .

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