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Then they saw an extremely shocking scene. After the impact, the shock wave generated by the meteor directly washed away the shock wave of Heaven's Punishment. The earth is divided in the middle, which is incomparably spectacular and terrifying! ... do you have to put money down for a small business loan

test. how to get a small business loan in illinois The others also smiled and let Geng Bei rest, and then the others walked to the south. ….

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Cheng Shu took it for granted, "I'm an extraordinary master, and there's a suppression level above me. I'm in the second echelon. What's wrong?" .

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Jiang Li rolled his eyes and said, "It's useless to say anything. Although the place is mysterious, it was once harmed by the grandson of the emperor. There are so many demons living in it, who knows what is left. I am now It’s a little bit less.” ...

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Not long after, in the originally extremely elegant and quiet restaurant, I remembered the sound of jingling, and from time to time someone lowered their voice and roared: "Wu Yangqing, eat slowly! This is mine..."

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Resentment +66

Hei Lian on the side also looked extremely excited, and he didn't know where he stole the calculator, and muttered to himself: "Ten first red disaster-level demons, one big red disaster-level demon, it's worth it!" How much resentment, how much money? Hmm... There are also a group of little devils who were killed by the aftermath, making a lot of money! Haha..."

As the old man yelled, many people were shocked.

No matter how the Beastmaster flapped his wings, he couldn't stop the falling trend, and finally smashed into the ground with a bang, leaving a big hole!

Therefore, sneaking is the best plan!

Hei Lian came up to have a look, and said: "This gun is indeed weird, it should be some kind of treasure. But it is different from the devil's magic soldier, he uses a different set of rules."

How could it be broken?

Moreover, it is generally believed that the Allied Defense Forces represent the Guardian organization, so it is impossible to lie about such a big matter in public.

At the same time, Mr. Qin pulled Cheng Shu and asked, "Where did you find such a monster?!"

Sitting opposite Jiang Li, Hei Lian smiled and kept frustrating her big hands in front of her. .

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Jiang Li hehe said: "Like this kind of one?" .

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