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As for the bellows that often appear in TV dramas, that thing has a lot of technical content. It is called a piston blower, which was only available in the Song Dynasty. ... how to apply for a small loan online

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hum! A loud bang that pierced the world! .

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On the fortress, Dongyi's archers are ready to go! ...

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Chi Songzi never showed up, because the guys from the Central Plains were there all the time, but he was indeed the one who caused the rain.

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Yan Zai laughed, although tired, it was still a new job.

Huandou and the others originally planned to visit Xiashan, but unexpectedly, when Danzhu heard that these people had arrived, he immediately went to their place of residence without even taking a drink of water.

"The coal under Biyi Wilderness, the coal seam in the southwest that you have been to is impossible to mine, it has been burned for more than two hundred years!"

"In the sixty-seventh year of Emperor Tao Tang, Ji Qiu and Meng Dong met!"

"If he likes you too..."

"Have you ever hit Kijun?"

That empty, huge, vast and distant call seemed to be the call of a real ancient god!

The sooner you plow, the better, and the later you delay it, the more troublesome it will be.

Is there any slippers to improve it?

"Yes, I am the totem." .

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The prosperity of the past summer also melted down the mountains! .

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