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【who to call if your student loan is being garnished great lakes 】 The next morning the sun shone through the dirty and broken glass of the hotel and into the room. 。

A cigarette was sucked clean by Chu Shaoyan after just a few puffs, and just when Chu Shaoyan was about to light a second cigarette, the phone in his pocket rang. Chu Shaoyan took out his mobile phone and saw that the caller ID was the call from the president Ye Tianhe. After thinking about it, Chu Shaoyan connected the call.

However, Hei Niu was accidentally killed by the enemy in the provincial capital. These days, Niu Geng's eyes were red and his expression was in a trance, muttering about revenge every day. Under such circumstances, he was instigated by Zidieyi, so he naturally rushed to the front line.

After hanging up the phone, Chu Shaoyan thought for a while and returned a text message to Goddess Huading: Zetian, the phone has been out of battery, just recharged... But a few minutes after the text message was sent, the phone did not respond at all, presumably the goddess She should have slept, right? Seeing that the time displayed on the mobile phone was already half past eleven in the evening, Chu Shaoyan thought to himself. Sighing, Chu Shaoyan put the phone in his pocket, and then asked Mike who was driving: "Mike, do you have any cigarettes?"

Chu Shaoyan continued to feed helplessly, but at the last mouthful, the girl's tongue touched his fingertips, and her heart seemed to be beating suddenly. This is the passionate nature of a man, Chu Shaoyan is slightly embarrassed.

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Chu Shaoyan nodded, glanced at the crowd from the corner of his eye, but walked towards the seat keeping his body straight.
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"Aren't you afraid that I'm lying to you?" the woman stared at him and asked.
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"They can indeed fly, but they need external force." Chu Shaoyan said lightly.
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"Completing the mission is also to be with you, am I already with you now?" Emily smiled, gave him a playful look, and retorted sharply.
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So, she lost her memory? Maybe this is a relief for her? That period of hatred once blinded her heart and distorted her life. It is a great relief and luck to lose her memory at this time.
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"Abao, what's the matter? Why are you looking at me like that?" Seeing Abao looking straight at him, Chu Shaoyan smiled wryly.
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What's the matter? Chu Shaoyan's heart moved, he glanced at Ye Jinlong and said, "Young Master Ye."
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In the past few hours, Ye Tianhe commanded the Sanlian branch church forces in other cities in the south, and recovered Zhang Haohai's branch church with a forceful momentum. Now Zhang Haohai has completely fallen from the high position of the vice president of the Sanlian to the bottom. He who covered the sky with one hand in Nanxiong City in the past is now like a bereaved dog; after a long time, Ye Tianhe spoke, his tone was very calm, without the slightest excitement: "Ah Hai, how long have we known each other?"
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