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"This seems to be... the East China Sea?" ... a loan has a 20-year amortization schedule, but the loan term is 5 years. what does this mean?

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Unknowingly, an imperceptible smile appeared on Qianqiu's handsome face. .

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Alright, alright, I know I'm using counterfeit products, but I don't need to just roll the screen in my head every time I print a print, right? ! ...

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It was as if a black hole suddenly formed in the depths of Youshen Temple!

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If it weren't for the fact that he didn't come here in real body, but just a powerless thought, if he stood in front of An Ran face to face, he might have slapped this raving kid down!

"Ben Gong, I know the place where Lord Tianyin Xing is buried."

An Ran rarely swears.

"I-I'm going to die!?"

Back then, when he broke his leg for stealing the treasure house of the imperial palace and almost ran out of the capital, he should wash his hands in a golden basin!

Behind Ling Jieyu, came another curious voice.

Rather than saying that it is a door in the Floating Temple, it is better to say that the strong man of Tiandao Temple moved this stone door into the Floating Temple!

Under An Ran's satisfied gaze, the Ghost Shadow Flying Sword turned into light.

Since it is impossible to descend to the lower bounds now, it can only be the next best thing.

Zhan Qianqiu turned his neck, his gaze was like a sword, extremely sharp: "Imagine, a cultivator escaped from his enemies and ran into the mountains, fleeing desperately. Along the way, would he care about the ants that he trampled to death?" .

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However, the power coming from the palace was still too strong. .

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