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【 apply for a loan online 】 "My vice-captain?" Lu Xi was stunned for a long time after hearing Tian Yuwei's words, "Why do I still have a vice-captain?" 。

Deng Chang nodded and handed Lu Xi a bottle of sports drink.

Then the next day, on the way to the ice rink, Lu Xi was stopped by Li Songsheng.

"I thought he hated me to death," Lucy said.

◎Listen to you. ◎

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But if you want to put the pants on, you have to take off all the pants and put them on again.
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"Who?" This area is a rehabilitation dormitory area, where all athletes with injuries live, and those who come here to secretly take pictures must have malicious intentions.
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The shape of the puppy is very delicate, with a light golden color, a round head, furry ears, and a pair of big black eyes.
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-Deng Chang: I don't know, just go around or look back.
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"May I ask what is the future goal of player Lucy?"
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Deng Chang's aura was really scary when he was cold, the girl took another step back nervously, and whispered: "An ice fan has been in our group for many years, so I just... just trust him."
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Therefore, most of the time, Lu Xi could only jump for three weeks, and then watched Deng Chang practice for four weeks in the jumping class.
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As he expected.
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