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【small business loan low credit score 】 Yuzai accepted the challenge generously, and among the people around, Chonghua said to Yuzai: "She is not convinced in her heart. If you defeat her this time, she will come back to make a request next time. Humans and gods are the same , People who do not keep their promises cannot be trusted, Ah Zai, in such matters, you cannot be more merciful." 。

At this moment, only four words remained in Qiongqi's mind!

The god of worship born by Shang Xing is not satisfied with his current situation, so he wants to exchange with Yuzai, that is to say, use its set of laws of the operation of heaven and earth so that Yuzai can move around all year round. Exert the same level of qi refining, so as to get away from its current situation restricted by the sacrifice, so as to achieve the goal of complete liberation.

Yu Xu narrowed his eyes.

In this way, everyone walked along the way, and after a short walk, they came to the Dizhu Mountain area.

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"When will Wu come back?"
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