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There is something wrong with Su Ran's listening. Could it be Qian Buer's alarmist talk...

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As soon as Aries stepped on the Gu Dao, a mist worm flew out from the strange sea, and the fog worm touched Aries, and Aries turned into thick water.

Su Ran was slightly startled.

"The current attribute sources of my arms are ordinary second-grade Gu, I don't know how to integrate them into rare second-grade Gu?"

Three days in a blink of an eye.

"Saving people is nothing more than a trivial matter."

Among the skin Gu, some are good at certain aspects of defense, such as fire prevention, waterproof, lightning protection, and anti-virus, but a skin Gu that is good at fire prevention is strong enough to a certain level, and its waterproof and lightning protection ability will also increase significantly.

Su Ran conveyed her confusion to Immortal Gu.

After struggling for a while, the woman finally decided to make a deal with Su Ran.

Qiao Yan, the dignified second son of the Qiao family, was holding Mrs. Qiao's hand and said coquettishly, "Mother, I am short of a second-grade explosion Gu, can you lend me an explosion Gu, and return it to mother tomorrow night."

Doing extraordinary things at extraordinary times, with the current strength, it is still a lot worse to resist the eight major families. Su Ran must improve his strength a wave, so he put his mind on the four major gangs. .

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How did Yuan Batian recruit such an abnormally powerful fourth master? .

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