home mortgage loan small business owner
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【small business loan woman owned 】 Everyone's foreheads were suddenly covered with black lines, and they shouted in their hearts, "It's a waste of money!" 。

After following Jiang Li, this guy ate countless high-level flesh and blood and absorbed all kinds of grievances. As a result, the strength of others improved by leaps and bounds, but it stagnated, and it had no intention of advancing. Give this guy anything to eat, it's the real meat buns and dogs, and there is no return, and there is no movement.

The man immediately picked up his mobile phone and made a call, and at the same time looked at Jiang Li with the look of you waiting to be exposed and beaten: "Hey, respected Mr. Liu, it's Mr. Jiang. It's like this, there is a The person who claimed to be Mr. Liu's friend was downstairs, saying that he received it? As long as he didn't, I know what to do."

Brother Hu said: "You don't need to do anything about it."

As a result, Jiang Li found that Xiao Yezi, Mi Canghai and the others were all looking at him with fierce eyes.

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Feng Huo and Feng Huo turned back at the same time, using all their means, and the gathering of strong winds all over the sky was like a punishment from God!
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In the distance, Empress Daqi saw that Jiang Li just frowned and started to eat casually, and even threw away the peach pit with a lot of residual meat, she frowned and said: "This kid, I really don't know how to cherish it." , just throw it away."
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Jiang Li glanced at Jing Ying and said, "Why are you so proud?"
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After everyone was busy, Xiao Ye Zi yawned and went back to her room. Finally, she entered her mushroom house and saw a man wearing big pants lying on her bed with a big character, snoring loudly.
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Or the Wei State who hated him?
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Jiang Li looked at the mobile phone in his hand, and muttered, "A mobile phone is so strictly controlled?"
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If they really separated, Jiang Li would feel really uncomfortable.
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""Renhuang Ji"? Is this a record of the Three Emperors?" Jiang Li asked subconsciously.
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