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【can you get a small business loan to open a franchise 】 Caimei Shangxian once again appeared in Yuyi King's Territory. 。

After a long time, the main demon slowly opened his mouth: "Unfortunately, four heavenly secrets are not enough to calculate Gu. This domain power has a little relationship with the greatest secret in the world. It involves the ultimate secret. If you don't gather all nine heavenly secrets Counting Gu, it is impossible to calculate it."

He is now in the late stage of the rank six Moon Immortal, and he is short of a rank six wind domain Gu to reach perfection. At that time, he can refine the fifth moon body, and he also needs a sky stepping wind Gu as the August moon Gu.

The sword energy covered the sky and the sun.

Su Ran looked in the direction of Yiwang Fort. The time spent staying at the six-turn Moon Immortal was long enough, and it was time to go further.

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With the Strange Gu as the natal Gu, refining one is considered a blessing from the heavens, but refining more than two is almost impossible, let alone refining nine strange Gus as the natal Gu.
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Compared with Jue Yang, the one who is closer to Su Ran is the Demon Envoy.
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"Okay, you get ready. After five days, you will officially attack King Yuyi. You can't stay in this devil's palace. You should find a place to hide in the mountains first, and then go directly to the king's city."
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But at this moment, King Yuyi already has white hair and dense wrinkles.
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Ouyang Qi on the side laughed lightly and said: "What a coincidence, brother Su just asked about Yufei's information, and he seemed to want to attack Yufei, and this Yufei has the wind element combination Gu that brother Su was looking for. Ha ha."
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With Suhou's identity, he has fought many times to quickly recover his domain power. Qianmo's use of this method is easy to be associated with others.
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Su Ran was a little surprised: "I moved here together. From now on, Su Ling will only have this secret place. The two priests don't need to guard the secret place anymore. The secret place will be guarded by Yue Nuer alone."
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