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Su Nian was stunned, dictating Mo Lingxiao's words, her heart seemed to be blocked by a stone and she couldn't breathe, especially when she saw the purple-clothed woman getting close to Mo Lingxiao, she felt even more uncomfortable and wanted to kill someone. ... loans for those with bad credit saberine

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Chen Zhiyuan's assistant changed his face slightly after hearing Chu Shaoyan's words, turned his head and shouted to the policeman, "Let Mr. Chu in." .

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Xu Shi was too excited, Su Nian stretched his teeth and claws in the air, flipped and played at will, and when he raised his eyes, a huge eagle flew towards him. ...

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"Brother, just hand him over. If he killed someone, he should pay for it. You can't ruin your future just because of him!" Liao Jinyu said.

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Su Nian offered his face to beg for marriage, Mo Lingxiao covered his mouth in embarrassment, but seeing the deep wound on Su Nian's face, his heart ached, "Don't mess around, I'll take you back to apply the medicine."

Mo Yunfeng didn't take his eyes off Mo Lingxiao for a moment, and asked directly: "How is Su Nian?"

"Uncle Liu, since you have already made up your mind, I will not keep you." Chu Shaoyan thought for a while and said, "After a while, I will ask Yongzi to send two escorts for you to leave, and I will prepare some expenses for you by the way."

As Li Ya said, his strength in his hands increased a bit, his extremely angry face became distorted due to jealousy, and the hatred in his eyes was filled with the desire to smash the person in front of him into pieces.

After passing through the simple and dark gatehouse, which is full of dust, you enter the courtyard. In the main courtyard, there is a round stone table under a whirling and thick mulberry tree. There was a teacup filled with tea, which was quietly placed on the stone table.

Mo Lingxiao's head was in a mess, but Su Nian became more and more excited as he got closer.

"Sit down." Chen Zhiyuan picked up the toilet paper on the table, wiped his mouth and pointed to the sofa.

Mo Lingxiao was stunned, and repeated several times. Except for the dull impact sound, the barrier in front of him did not break at all, not even a crack. He Xuan and others were shocked. weird.

Mo Lingxiao Yujian left, every nerve in his body tensed up, he knew that Su Nian might misunderstand, but he didn't expect him to miss himself so much.

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It's just too shameless. .

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