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【freedom mortgage mortgagee clause 】 "Chu Shaoyan, how are you doing now?" In the dazzling light, Dugu Linfeng's cold words carried the complacency of Zixi Zhongshan wolf. 。

"We've been busy with the fashion week these days, and we, President Qin, Vice President Li, and Vice President Zhang are all outside. President Qin knew you were coming just now, and he specially told us to treat Assistant Chu well."

Chu Shaoyan looked at the densely packed heads upstairs, and said to Shangguan Zetian with a sneer, "Zetian, these people surrounded but did not attack. Hanging banners, shouting slogans, and looking for reporters are obviously organized and premeditated actions. !"

"The old man is absurd." Liu Danyan said neither humble nor overbearing: "Since Dong Nangong loves you so much, Danyan will of course do his best to fulfill his will. Just now Nangong Mingdao couldn't wait to hold a shareholders' meeting. We have to fight to avoid being caught by those people with ulterior motives." Taking control of the group will waste all of Nangong Dong's hard work!"

"2 million!" Dugu Linfeng threw down two chips as if he had a plan in mind, his snake-like eyes fixed on Chu Shaoyan, and there was a ferocious smile on the corner of his mouth.

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"It's that simple." Chu Shaoyan said lightly. With his skill and the cooperation of Wu Tianhao and Li Yiqian, two former comrades-in-arms assistants, it is not impossible to steal that will. Relatively speaking, this is already a very simple task. As a former top Chinese special soldier, he has performed tasks that are a hundred times more difficult.
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Qin Xiaonan stood up and said, "I'm the leader of the technical team assigned by Xianyuan Real Estate to the demolition office. I also participated in the whole process of today. Huading Group and Xianyuan Real Estate Company have repeatedly told me to be careful not to For any forced demolition, the relocated households must be sent out of the demolition site with satisfaction. But what happened today is actually my negligence. As for Jin Chengzhe, the employees of the company and I have repeatedly done it for him. work, but this old man has a very stubborn temper. He said that we are not qualified to negotiate with him at all. He also said that the matter is getting worse now. If it doesn’t cost a few million, the city’s high officials have to come forward to talk to him... ..."
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The little girl curled her lips mischievously and said, "Sister, you should be the richest person here. If you ask for a price of several million, it shouldn't bother you, right?"
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After a long while, the uproar of snowflakes settled down, and Shangguan Zetian had already turned into a white-haired girl. When Chu Shaoyan saw it, he was immediately amused, and laughed.
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"Sister, I'm sorry, sister!" The little witch wanted to cry, but her tears almost dried up last night. The admiration for the rock man and the guilt for her sister are constantly tormenting her, so that she almost has the heart to jump into the lake.
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Duanmu Xiangbei hesitated for a moment, looked at Chu Shaoyan and said, "Excuse me, Assistant Chu, do you have any reason to enter the Huali Group shareholders meeting?"
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This is a contract that is extremely beneficial to Huading, but at the same time Edwards and Zhu Luo can also readily accept the contract.
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"Hey, Elder Sister Zetian, why is your face so red?"
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