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【alaska credit union online loan payment 】 Chu Shaoyan smiled lightly, spread a thin piece of plastic on the ice table, then took out the burner and solid alcohol from the luggage, carefully selected a few fairly pure ice cubes, put them in the container, and started to boil water. 。

Ye Jinlin took the payment slip and frowned tightly: Hospital, payment slip? What does it mean! ? Could it be that he is the kind of despicable and shameless person who has been taking care of this little girl? No, absolutely not, if that's the case, I, Ye Jinlin, will be blind!

Chu Shaoyan knew that he had to achieve the results he wanted in a short period of time, otherwise Koji Takeuchi and Dugu Linfeng would outflank them, and the consequences would be quite disastrous. Bullets don't have eyes, once a stray bullet hits Shangguan Zetian behind him, the loss outweighs the gain.

From Tanacross to Skagway, there are hundreds of kilometers of deserted people. In the vast snowfield, there are even very few vehicles on the road. The wind is very strong today, it is a bad weather in the past ten days, the cold wind blows like a knife, and the sound of whimpering hits the glass of the car, making Shangguan Zetian shrink his neck slightly—even though there is a heater in the car , the temperature is not low.

Different from pretending to be mature in the past, today's girls dress up cutely. There is a large pocket on the left side of the sky blue long vest, and the snow-white lace shirt complements the creamy jade skin; the bright yellow short skirt is at least 20 centimeters above the long legs, and a pair of bright red high-top leather boots are worn under the feet , the exposed legs are particularly slender, weak and boneless, crystal clear.

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"Chu Shaoyan?" Luo Daifang frowned slightly, "I seem to have heard of this name before."
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Guan Nuoxue laughed and said: "I used to envy you for having a father who is a high-ranking official, but today I was intimidated by hearing it. It turns out that Sister Feiyan, you have been living in dire straits? No wonder you fled to England to study for so many years! "
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Chu Shaoyan shook his head, nodded silently, with a faint sadness on his face.
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Then she asked, "You mean someone..."
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At noon, everyone arrived at Tianhe Airport in Wucheng. The person in charge of Huading Group's Wucheng office had long been waiting at the airport, and the eight leased Mercedes-Benz cars were lined up in the parking lot, which were extremely eye-catching and attracted all passers-by's attention.
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The man came in, and this ghostly guy testified: That day he saw Chu Shaoyan kill Li Zhisen with a single knife in the casino in Haimen City, then poured gasoline on his body, then lit it with a lighter, and finally caused a big fire in the casino... …
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There were so many people on the side of the road, and there were so many onlookers, no one dared to come out to stop it!
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Bai Feiyan, Nangong Chengyu and others agreed repeatedly, but Su Yimei was in a bad mood recently and wanted to go out to relax.
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