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"Did you call me yesterday?"

"Hey, Boss, the golden Behemoth finally made a move! Hey, shit, my head hurts and it's bleeding!"

Chu Shaoyan's heart froze suddenly: "Zetian, I...that night..."

The greenery of Xiangyang Park is well preserved, with shaded trees, patches of shrubs, dense ancient trees and green grass. Moreover, Xiangyang Park is not as vulgar as the landscape parks in the residential area today, and its landscape is quite quaint. The bushes are dense, the flowers and branches are sparse; the corridors are quaint and the pavilions are simple; the environment is quiet and quiet.

He did this to let all the keyboard warriors know that although there is freedom of speech in the current society, it does not mean that all unreasonable things can be said.

Duan Mulan stared at the rock man and said solemnly: "Brother Shaoyan, I finally understood one thing when I went to Europe last time: the safest thing is to be by your side. So, I will never run around again, don't worry. "

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