how to deactivate a credit card
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【what if i never use my credit card 】 Fatty An said with a smile: "I think the boss has always been clever, and this time he will definitely come to save us!" 。

What was even more helpless was being dragged and entangled by drunken people. Sima Yan and his wife and Han Xiang were fine, but they collapsed on the sofa in the private room without knowing their personnel.

"Is there any Erguotou? Give me a bottle!" A bald guy shouted. After drinking too much beer, these guys let go one by one, just like a group of low-class gangsters.

"En." Chu Shaoyan answered casually, but his eyes were firmly attracted by a figure from behind.

The two daughters are both high-educated and high-IQ double high-tech newcomers. Shangguan Zetian discussed with the human resources director Zheng Sen and decided to let Zhu Qixia join the newly established scientific research institute of Huading Group, while Han Xiang went directly to Urpu Finance. Company executives.

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Luo Mingdong smiled coldly: "It is really dangerous for you. Boy, today I will let you know that Jiangbei Luo's family is not someone you can bully!"
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"Ouch!" Guan Nuoxue screamed while covering her head.
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Guan Fengyi broke away from Ling Haohui's support, beat his head and burst into tears: "It's all my fault! If it wasn't for saving me, Chu Shaoyan would be fine. If something happened to him, her daughter Guan Nuoxue would hate me as a father all her life of!"
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Old Zhang said strangely: "Hey, Liu Tonghe and my father have always been in the same army. It is impossible for him to know someone my father doesn't know! I have to go back and ask immediately. If we can establish a relationship, then our old Zhang's family will It's done!"
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Chu Shaoyan waved his hand: "Hei Niu, take him to the bathroom for a thorough interrogation, use local materials, and let him spit out the truth. If you don't spit it out, just hit his hand hard!"
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Chu Shaoyan stared at Fatty An with a cold gaze, nodded and said, "Very good, remember it!"
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Especially in the flash of her eyes, she faintly reveals a noble and elegant temperament, coupled with a beautiful face with distinct ups and downs like a mountain, it is indeed a stunning beauty, compared with Shangguan Zetian in the audience, it is just like a pearl and a beautiful jade, complementing each other.
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Guan Nuoxue gave them a disdainful look, then turned to Bai Feiyan and said, "Fei Yan, how are you?"
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