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More than 30 third-rank Gu masters from the Eight Great Families arrived one after another stepping on their swords. ... fannie mae small loan program

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Just looking at the blessing of the Gu tool and Gu technique, Su Ran is completely incomparable, there is a rhythm of losing. .

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Looking at the pile of third-grade Gu worms, Su Ran laughed at herself: "It seems... not bad to offend Moon Hunter." ...

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Extra quadruple strength blessing!

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Originally, he wanted to borrow the relationship between the Immortal Immortal Gu and ask for advice on the Gu technique.

"If I add a healing Gu worm..."

Mother Gu is still saying "do it".

The additional strength of the second-grade explosion Gu is four to five times.

Ouyang Qing shouted happily, without stopping to say Tao words, and said: "Brother Li, now is a good time to make a move!"

No tingling symptoms, no six orifice bleeding.

Flowing cloud Gu is for the Gu master to fly with.

Su Ran might not be able to beat Qiao Yan today, but not necessarily in three days.

The third-grade Gu worms moved quickly, and flew straight to the window.

"...Mother was right to think so." .

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With a sudden throw of both hands, Shimen let go, and Su Ran stepped into the cave. .

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