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The huge Jiangzhou City City Lord's Mansion finally completely collapsed and shattered after enduring the pressure it shouldn't have endured! .

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But he knew one thing clearly: in the past three hundred years, the royal court of the grassland was maimed five times by Xianqin. ...

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That is to say, An Ran had a good impression on him, gentle, knowledgeable, and reasonable, which made him unintentionally recall his vigorous and heroic appearance when he was young.

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"Ho Ho Ho!" King Zhao Wuling roared angrily, his heart was bleeding!

An Ran grabbed the human skin and walked towards the torn throne step by step.

The space in all directions has become extremely unstable, like a balloon that is about to burst!

Perhaps only at that time, the Nine Heavens Demon Slayer Finger will be considered worthy of use.

In the distance of Tianmen Town, a faint light lit up, slightly dispelling the surrounding darkness.

"You don't need to expect people from Jianzong to come. Since the old man can come to the twenty-five peaks safely, it means that Jianzong is temporarily unable to manage here."

A big mouth smacked Ziwei Great Emperor's face, and he flew out directly.

When Sister Hong heard this, she was also silent for a while.

Fortunately, it finally came.

Immediately, the mirror of the spirit mirror was filled with error messages. .

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