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Starscream didn't seem to expect that Chu Shaoyan could still erupt with such a powerful force at this time, and his consciousness froze for a moment! However, while she was in a daze, Chu Shaoyan suddenly sat up, and his head hit Starscream's temple fiercely! ... use a small interest loan to pay off car loan

test. ehat is the interest rate on a small busimess loan She thought for a long time in a daze, maybe, this is fate! What else could she do besides admitting her fate? ….

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small modest loan of a million dollars - who governs small loan companies . Chu Shaoyan smiled slightly and said, "That policeman just now didn't let me approach the cordon." |.

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Or type O blood, my mother needs a blood transfusion urgently, who can help? " .

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Chen Zhiyuan's assistant changed his face slightly after hearing Chu Shaoyan's words, turned his head and shouted to the policeman, "Let Mr. Chu in." ...

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Li Lulu raised her head and said coldly: "He is not a victim, the real victim is my son!"

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At this moment, Jiang Dahai was a little moved. Although Jiang Dahai and the young master Ye Jinlong had a "honeymoon cooperation" time, they were all for their own interests and there was no real relationship. Therefore, for Jiang Dahai, killing Ye Jinlong was no different from killing other people.

There are fifty million! Liu Rumeng was dumbfounded when she saw the money all over the place! Xiaopang's eyes were dizzy. He grew up so big, and he had never seen so much cash.

Not to mention that the company plagiarized it, he didn't need to explain it, even if it was related to him, he didn't bother to explain it.

Ye Qiu glanced quickly, and with countless doubts and curiosity in his heart, he followed Tang Yuxin to the door of an ICU ward.

Liu Mingjie was spoiled and eccentric since he was a child, and Chen Yuzhen doted on him in every possible way, how could he bear this kind of treatment, the more the doctor stopped him, the more he struggled, and in the end he couldn't move, so he opened his mouth to bite the doctor.

"Kill you?" Chu Shaoyan sneered and said, "Wouldn't it be too cheap to kill you?"

"Get out, get out now, if you show up in front of me again, I'm not sure I'll do anything, don't force me!"

Ye Qiu just finished cooking, and raised his head with a faint smile: "Go and open the bottle of wine on the table, and eat right away."

Dinner is very rich, two people, six dishes.

"Boss, it's a pity to drink such an expensive wine. It's such a hot day. Let's drink some cold beer." .

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