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【direct loan make a payment online 】 As a fairy, he is in the fairy class, and he will live forever. 。

"It seems that there are indeed rumors that... Junior Brother An has hidden his cultivation."

That's millions of free whoring points!

"Senior sister, does the gate of ghosts have an entity, does it really exist?"

"The imprint of immortality is too complicated. If you use Tianyin warriors to cast it, if there is a slight mistake, it will collapse..." An Ran frowned and then stretched it out. "Then I will change to a simpler seal...I have it!"

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Tai Yanheng was horrified.
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Suddenly, a cold light came on, and the pale strokes walked through the void, and in An Ran's field of vision, each vigorous and powerful character was depicted, with a strong sense of sigh.
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Everyone who can enter the Heavenly Dao Temple is a talent, they speak nicely, and their talents are extraordinary...
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An Ran's footsteps were getting faster and faster, but her tone and thoughts were quite clear: "The simplest way is still like this."
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In An Ran's perception.
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From that tombstone, he felt a stronger threat than dead wood.
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After several hesitations, Taoist Fei Ling still asked out his doubts.
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Before that, although various systems passed away one after another, they were still like a baton, burning their own light and heat, and pushing An Ran to the ninth level of Qi training—roughly equal to flying immortals in the daytime!
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