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【what is buydown mortgage 】 However, as the governor of the government, Toyotomi Maaya did not forget her identity. She asked the government spokesperson to issue a statement immediately, saying that last night was a military performance by the Ryukyu Prefecture, and she did not intend to prepare for any area. Use force. 。

This made Guan Nuoxue a little annoyed, even if Chu Shaoyan missed the appointment, he couldn't get through the phone! Recalling the past at Nuodun Security Company and Chu Shaoyan and recent events, Guan Nuoxue felt uncomfortable at this time; at this time she blindly looked at the crowd, trying to find Chu Shaoyan, At this time, the colored lights have been turned off, and the whole garden is hazy, where can we see Chu Shaoyan's shadow?

"Don't worry, it's easy to reject me, I won't pester you." Emily stared at him and smiled.

At this time, there were intensive gunshots outside the back door. Hearing the gunshots, Liu Dayong hurried to the back door, slightly poking his head to look at the situation outside: only a dozen meters away from the back door. The wave was overwhelming, and it seemed that the people in ambush outside were attacked.

Chu Shaoyan glanced at Ye Ruoxi in a daze, and saw that Ye Ruoxi's movements were very light, and she could easily dodge the vines and branches in the forest. And what surprised Chu Shaoyan the most was that he seemed to have seen Ye Ruoxi's movements before, and Wei Wei couldn't help being stunned when he thought about it; because Ye Ruoxi's movements to avoid those vines and branches were all learned from Chu Shaoyan ! That is to say, Ye Ruoxi learned the simple way to run in the jungle from Chu Shaoyan during the escape just now!

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Now it is obvious that there are many women around Chu Shaoyan. For this, Toyotomi Maaya will be willing to be like other women, willing to be with Chu Shaoyan together? Liang Wanruo is not sure about this, but her intuition tells her that Toyotomi Maaya should not be like that; as for Liang Wanruo, although she also has possessive desires, it is not strong. After suffering from the trauma of her first love, she learned that she could not get Young Master Chu alone. She also resigned to her fate after she became Yan's only love.
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"What?" Hearing what Chu Shaoyan said, Chen Bin couldn't help being taken aback. As the head of the Bei'ao City Police Department, he naturally knew about the Sanlian Association. Perhaps because Chu Shaoyan's words surprised Chen Bin so much, his expression instantly became extremely serious: "Mr. Chu, what do you mean?"
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"Now it's a good show. Let's see what that gringo does!"
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Nangong Chengyu watched Liu Danyan's back tenderly until she disappeared at the door before saying, "Brother Chu, please sit down."
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"Mike, you have to calm down and don't underestimate the enemy. That Baodao man seems to be a formidable master, so let me support you!" Vincent said calmly.
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In the cruel and contemptuous smile of the polar bear, Chu Shaoyan moved, his body was like a ghost, and he came to the polar bear in an instant!
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About ten minutes later, Ye Tianhe walked to the stage and delivered a welcome speech; after Ye Tianhe finished speaking, the guests in the garden applauded like a wave of applause.
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After speaking, he dropped the stick in his hand and went back to the house.
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